Spa Destinations

Discover and locate spa destinations where you can regain balance and further enjoy your travels. If you select the Spascape Spa Finder button you will find yourself on a screen where you can search for spa, hotel and resort destinations within a radius of approximately 500 miles of your phone.

Spascape Meditations

Meditations in Spascape are aimed at helping you to relax all while you improve self-confidence and self-esteem, as you gain the most out of your spa experiences. On the Spascape Meditations screen you can choose from an assortment of meditations aimed at helping you create a more immersive and tranquil spa experience that invigorates well-being […]

Explore Spascape

Spascape can be accessed directly through the Spascape logo on the RenewMe Home screen, as well as on the RenewMe Profile screen, which can be accessed by clicking the Profile Icon at the bottom right corner of the RenewMe Home screen. You can also access Spascape by clicking on the Spascape: Escape to Tranquility logo […]

Explore Spascape

Upon downloading RenewMe following registration, you will be prompted on the Subscription Page to enter your corporate code. All Spascape members have free premium access to RenewMe (which includes Soulscape and Spascape) for the designed trial period determined by their corporate code. For more information on how to navigate Spascape: