Edit Account Information

Click on the Profile Icon in the bottom right corner of your downloaded app. It should look like a profile photo.  This will lead to the Profile screen, and under “MY ACCOUNT” you have the option to edit your “Account Information”. Once you enter the screen you can: Change Name Change Email Address Change Password […]

Forgot Your Username

Once you log into RenewMe you will be logged in permanently unless you log-out manually. In the event that you have forgotten your username you will have to:  Unsubscribe from the app in Apple “Settings” with no refunds and cancel your old plan through your respective stores on your actual devices. (Refer to Cancelling a […]

Change or Reset Password

If you need to reset or change your password through RenewMe, you can do so by going to clicking Profile Icon in the bottom right corner of RenewMe menu. On the Profile screen go to “Account Information.” On Account Information screen click on password, and then enter in your current password in the “Current Password” […]

Log In to Your Account

Download, Login, and Sign-In to RenewMe When you download the app, you will see a decorative Splash screen with the RenewMe logo, followed by the Log into your RenewMe account screen. Registered users can log in through their e-mail or through Facebook, Apple or Google. Following a successful log in, you will be asked to […]