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Subscribe to RenewMe

Subscription at Sign Up

After downloading RenewMe and completing your Sign Up, you will be taken to a Subscription screen where you will put in a corporate code to enter RenewMe for a premium trial of RenewMe for the designated period of days your select brand has intended

Subscription Plans – Lifetime of Purchase

The RenewMe Premium Subscription Plan is $99.99 for 2 years, billed every two years on the second anniversary date of the subscription purchase. The plan automatically renews. If you decide to cancel, you must do so before the second anniversary of your subscription purchase.

A Monthly Subscription Plan is $12.99 monthly, billed monthly. The plan automatically renews after one month. To cancel, you must do so prior to the beginning of the next monthly billing cycle.

A Yearly Subscription Plan is $59.99 yearly, billed each year on the anniversary of your subscription purchase. The plan automatically renews after one year. In the event you want to cancel, you must do so before the one-year anniversary of your purchase.

Payments are done via Apple Pay in the Apple Store.

Note: We cannot refund subscription purchases made via Apple. Please visit our link on Refunds on Subscriptions.

Subscription Pop-Ups

After your corporate code trial you will still have access to free areas of RenewMe, however anytime you click on a locked area a Subscription screen will pop-up on the app prompting you to subscribe to RenewMe in order to gain premium access.

Upgrade and Change Subscription

RenewMe does not provide refunds for your current subscription, however you may cancel your plan before the beginning of your next billing cycle on the following month, bi-yearly, or annually, which falls on the day you subscribed to purchase the app.

You can cancel or change your subscription by going directly to Apple Settings:

  1. Apple Settings
  2. Apple ID
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Click on RenewMe to Cancel Plan

For more information:


You must call Apple directly should you have difficulty with cancelling or changing your subscription.

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