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Who We Are

RenewMe is a US-based brand of total wellness through a simple, user-friendly, chic iOS superapp smartphone application. Our global mission is bringing Mental Health Awareness to employees and customers of select hospitality and corporate brands. RenewMe is more than just mindfulness, we have a futuristic approach to self-growth to help subscribers lead a more balanced life.

Developed by one of few women founders in the space of iOS tech, as well as the first psychotherapist and national media personality to develop an app of this kind, Dr. Lisa Palmer is also the producer and voice of RenewMe content. Also a minority woman in business, and formerly Miss Vermont USA, Dr. Palmer is a renowned healer and is also the founder of The Renew Center of Florida, Ranked #1 for the Treatment of PTSD in the US in 2017 by Newsmax. She brings a breadth of talent and expertise to every aspect of RenewMe, carefully combining the best of psychology with technology created by a team of talented millennials and former senior Apple Engineers who brought you iOS, iPad, AppleTV and AppleWatch apps for the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Trailers, Apple Remote, iTunes U, Podcasts and Apple Music.

And so we present RenewMe — the ultimate wellness app made by millennials for millennials, with future generations in mind. With its chic color scheme and user-friendly design, RenewMe is a one-of-a-kind app that is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It combines all the innovative features of its subsidiaries, Soulscape and Spascape, into one convenient platform, making it your go-to destination for all things wellness.

At the core of RenewMe is the belief that wellness starts from within. That’s why the app is designed to quiet and nurture your mind and help you build on your strengths, so you can feel more positive and balanced. Whether you’re looking for treatment options, want to boost your self-esteem, relax, get fit, set goals, live a happier life, enhance your confidence, improve your coping skills, sleep better, navigate life’s challenges, talk to wellness influencers, travel mindfully, or discover things about yourself using artificial intelligence, RenewMe has it all.

The app is made with love and has something for everyone, and it’s all just a few button touches away. So if you’re ready to take control of your wellness journey and live life to the fullest, experience RenewMe today and start exploring all it has to offer.

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