Edit Account Information

Click on the Profile Icon in the bottom right corner of your downloaded app. It should look like a profile photo.  This will lead to the Profile screen, and under “MY ACCOUNT” you have the option to edit your “Account Information”. Once you enter the screen you can: Change Name Change Email Address Change Password […]

Forgot Password

If you forgot you password when logging into RenewMe, you can log back into your account with an easy One Tap. Just click “Forgot Password” on the Login page and “Enter your Email” on the Forgot Password page. After that you will be directed to check your email and click on the link there, which […]

Forgot Your Username

Once you log into RenewMe you will be logged in permanently unless you log-out manually. In the event that you have forgotten your username you will have to:  Unsubscribe from the app in Apple “Settings” with no refunds and cancel your old plan through your respective stores on your actual devices. (Refer to Cancelling a […]

Subscribe to RenewMe

Subscription at Sign Up After downloading RenewMe and completing your Sign Up, you will be taken to a Subscription screen where you will put in a corporate code to enter RenewMe for a premium trial of RenewMe for the designated period of days your select brand has intended Subscription Plans – Lifetime of Purchase The […]

Subscription Pricing

Lifetime of Your Purchase The RenewMe Premium Subscription Plan is $99.99 for 2 years, billed every two years on the second anniversary date of the subscription purchase. The plan automatically renews. If you decide to cancel, you must do so before the second anniversary of your subscription purchase. A Monthly Subscription Plan is $12.99 monthly, […]

Subscribe with Promo Code

Following the end of your free-trial with your Corporate code, a Promo pop-up screen will appear inviting you to subscribe to a RenewMe premium plan for a 10% discount with your unique promo code.

Promo Code with Subscriptions

Following completion your free trial, as a corporate code member you will receive a special offer prompt with a promo or discount code to subscribe to RenewMe. Then choose your subscription plan and get started!

Corporate Code Subscriptions

During the sign-up process you are offered the option to use a corporate code. A corporate code offers subscribers of select partnered brands a free period of premium access to RenewMe. Some, not all codes include access to Soulscape and Spascape. Following completion of your free trial, as a corporate code member you will receive […]

Lifetime of Your Purchase

Premium subscriptions will allow you to access all areas of RenewMe during your subscription period. If you do not have a subscription or it is cancelled, you will only be able to access free areas of RenewMe with your login. RenewMe members will not have access to Soulscape and Spascape unless they have a code. […]

Manage Your Subscription

RenewMe™ does not provide refunds for your current subscription; however, you may cancel your plan before the beginning of your next billing cycle. Thus, depending on the type of your subscription plan, you should cancel during the following month, following bi-yearly interval, or following 12-month (annual) interval. You may click on the following links to […]