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Download RenewMe and Log In

When you download the app, you will see a decorative Splash screen with the RenewMe logo, followed by the Log into your RenewMe account screen.

Registered users can log in through their e-mail or through Facebook, Apple or Google.

Following a successful log in, you will be asked to create a username, email, and password, and select terms and conditions to sign up.

You will then be lead to a subscriptions page where you will put in a corporate code which will give you free-trial to RenewMe for a period of days depending on your code plan. Additionally, you will select the monthly or premium plan which will be automatically activated following the conclusion of your free trial, unless you choose to cancel before your trial is over.

Next you will complete a survey about RenewMe. Upon completion of your survey a welcome message will appear along with another greeting message from RenewMe’s select brand partners.

If You Get Logged Out of RenewMe

You should be automatically logged into RenewMe on your iOS, however if by chance you were logged out, you may download and fill in details on your Login to your RenewMe account page. This will lead you to the home page to begin your journey.

Forgot Username

Once you log into RenewMe you will be logged in permanently unless you log-out manually.

In the event that you have forgotten your username you will have to:

  1.  Unsubscribe from the app in Apple “Settings” with no refunds and cancel your old plan through your respective stores on your actual devices. (Refer to Cancelling a Subscription Plan for Apple store).
  2. Create a new username and password login, and then subscribe for a new plan.
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