About RenewMe

If you would like to learn more about RenewMe, just visit the About RenewMe screen, where you can discover the App’s version number, a brief description of our mission and purpose, along with developer information. You can access “About RenewMe” by going to the RenewMe Profile screen. Do this by going to RenewMe Profile. You […]


By clicking on Affirmations on the RenewMe Home screen you can swipe through affirmations that encourage a positive mindset. You can also share your favorite affirmation to social media or with your friends by clicking on the “share button” at the “top right corner” of the screen. By clicking on the “left arrow” on the […]

Explore RenewMe

Welcome to Your Journey to Balance Upon downloading RenewMe you can sign up and create an account through various social media platforms or with your email address. At the bottom of this screen is a link to our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Health Disclaimer, and Chat Disclaimer. These should be reviewed before continuing. […]

Balance Test

The Balance Test measures your levels of life balance based on the five elements of “Earth”, “Water”, “Wind”, “Fire, and “Space” as they relate to different aspects of well-being. You are prompted to take the Balance Test when you first download and sign up for RenewMe. However, after that you can re-take the test anytime […]

Balance Results

After taking the Balance Test, RenewMe will lead you to a Balance Test Results screen which will reveal to you your “strongest and weakest element” so that you can assess how you can improve  in order to gain more life balance. By clicking on the “X” on the top right corner of this screen, you […]

Coping Skills

After clicking the Coping Icon on the RenewMe Home screen, you will be led to the the Coping Elements screen, which will display the different elements “Earth”, “Wind” “Water” “Fire” and Space” of the RenewMe Balance Wheel. From here you can click on the elements to explore what coping skills relate to those elements. You […]

Daily Balance

From this screen you can read a variety of wellness articles designed to enhance general wellbeing. You can select from topics such as self-improvement, mental health awareness, happiness, confidence, and success. You can access “Daily Balance” by going to the RenewMe Profile screen. First find RenewMe Profile by clicking the Profile Icon on the bottom […]

Daily RenewMe

RenewMe will choose a unique track daily to help you strengthen the area of your “weakest” element. For instance, if you are lacking in “Fire”, which symbolizes passion and motivation in life, the Daily RenewMe will help you begin to create a mindset that will help boost your motivation. Once you listen to your Daily […]

Goals & Badges

After clicking on the Goals Icon on the bottom of the RenewMe Home menu, you will be led to RenewMe Goals, where you can track daily goals, weekly badges, and monthly sparkles. You can see the total of Goals, Badges, and Sparkles you have earned for the month at the tabs on the top of […]

RenewMe Fitness

After clicking on the “Barbell Icon” on the bottom of the RenewMe menu, you will be led to RenewMe Fitness on the go, where you will discover mini-workouts, routines, and tips to help you stay fit and healthy whether at home or traveling.   Follow our founder, media personality and psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa Palmer, and […]